Băneasa Shopping City donates 45,000 EUR for the children in the program “I want to go to the 9th grade”

Băneasa Shopping City, leader in the Romanian fashion and entertainment market, donates to World Vision Romania the amount of 45,000 EUR through the program “I want to go to the 9th grade”. Thus, through the fund raising campaign “Help them go to high school!”, which will take place between December 18 – January 13, the pupils in the 9th to 11th grades in the counties of Cluj, Dolj, Iași, Vaslui, Ialomița and Vâlcea will be helped by Băneasa Shopping City to continue their studies.

The results of the first collaboration between Băneasa Shopping City and World Vision contribute to supporting 69 pupils selected by World Vision Romania through a monthly scholarship ensuring the continuation of the studies in the school year 2018 -2019.

Each scholarship granted under this campaign in a chance for education, a chance for a better future. We strongly believe that education is the base of social and professional development and we are happy to involve the visitors of Băneasa Shopping City in this project." says Aura Dinu, Marketing Director Băneasa Shopping City.

The collaboration between Băneasa Shopping City and World Vision started at the end of 2018, and between December 18 – January 13, all the clients of the shopping centre had the chance to participate in supporting the campaign through a symbolic gesture. Those who went shopping in Băneasa Shopping City in this period received a sticker to be glued on the special boards within the shopping centre. Each symbol received at the cash register and glued to the board dedicated to the campaign is an additional step forward for the access of children to education.

The pupils enjoying the help given by Băneasa Shopping City come from families without material possibilities, in various rural areas of Romania. They have good results at school and want to keep on studying, the lack of money being the main obstacle. Each pupil has a monthly scholarship covering the transport expenses, the stationery, counselling by the World Vision team, and is given the opportunity to participate to social integration activities. 

Without access to education, Romanian children are captive into poverty. We must go out of this vicious circle where poverty leads to lack of education, and lack of education leads to poverty. Having this in mind, we launched in 2008 the program “I want to go to the 9th grade” and we are very happy to see the project growing every year. We want to thank warmheartedly Băneasa Shopping City for the significant donation of 45,000 EUR for this project. We thank them both for us and on behalf of the children in need who now have a chance to education. Together, we can truly change lives”, says Mihaela Nabăr, Executive Director World Vision Romania. 



About Băneasa Shopping City
Băneasa Shopping City is leader in the Romanian fashion and entertainment market, providing the clients with a unique mix of brands that can meet the most demanding requirements in terms of shopping, from the internationally renowned ones to Romanian designers, together with a high variety of refined restaurants and cafés. The shopping centre also has an impressive entertainment area, Grand Entertainment, which includes: Grand Cinema & More, the only cinema in Romania equipped with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos technology in the Grand Ultra Hall, with the highest video and audio standards for the cinema lovers, and hosting special events (own theatre productions or live broadcast of performances on the greatest stages in the world). These features focus on the clients’ comfort and turn Băneasa Shopping City into the exclusivist shopping, leisure and entertainment destination in Romania.


About World Vision
World Vision Romania is part of the World Vision International Partnership present in about 100 countries throughout the world. During our 28-year presence in Romania, we have helped over 500,000 children and adults in almost 400 communities of 8 counties. World Vision Romania believes in the right to equal chances for children in villages and cities, therefore it implements long-term community development programs in the rural communities, focusing on education and reduction of early school leaving, children’s health and protection, agriculture and rural development, civic and Christian commitment. Children are facilitated the access to better living conditions by the sustainable development of the community they live in. Through our projects, we focus on the transformation of communities and of their members as for each child to live a meaningful life. 

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