Our brand vision was based on a desire to give you a real sensory journey, not just a mere olfactory experience, which is why we decided to be the detail that makes the difference. Our work has been defined by the needs of our customers and our passion for what we want to convey through integrity, perseverance and fairness. Softambient has been offering high quality services since 2015, aiming to bring comfort, relaxation, productivity, respect and prestige to your home or the area where you operate your business. The professionalism of our activity allows us to set particularly high objectives, to provide the best products and services that meet the desired quality standards. The olfactory sense plays an extremely important role in influencing emotions, decisions and positive moods and our products are specially designed to offer the most memorable and pleasant experiences with the help of the natural ingredients of the essential oils, to provide you with the opportunity of enjoying a unique environment. As we are always paying close attention to the details, we have managed to develop a large customer portfolio of relationships based on trust and efficiency, which has led to the development of our values in order to be able to provide you with professional-based services. Our team is dedicated to excellence, performance and is available as trustful parteners in perfuming the desired space and overall improving your experience, not only from a sensory point of view but also qualitative.


Monday - Sunday: 10:00-22:00
Updated on 09.12.2021
For updated information about the store's schedule, please consult the brand's communication channels or the phone number displayed.