Chopstix Ready to Box

Ever since its opening in 2008, Chopstix Ready to Box has wanted to share with the Romanians its knowledge on preparing food from the Chinese cuisine, both traditional and modern. Since then, we have been offering our clients the widest range of products. We are cooking Asian (mainly Chinese) food using fresh and delicious ingredients. We avoid frozen products as we are aware of how important healthy food is for each of you. All those in love with Chinese foods and choosing quality and freshness choose in fact Chopstix Ready to Box!

Diversity is a defining feature for Chopstix Ready to Box. Our range will always include over 40 meals, Chinese food: noodles with chicken or beef, spring rolls, rice, salads and various sauces.

For the clients wishing to order takeaway Chinese food, we have developed the Delivery division – an ordering system for the delivery of the Chinese food to the office or at home, available daily between 10:00-22:00. For them, we have undertaken the challenge to become better and better in terms of promptness and quality of the products we are offering.

Program: L-D: 10:00-22:00 

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