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Babylon Fashion

A place that presented the luxury with taste and elegance was a difficult approach of the Romanian society. Babylon aims to highlight the modern, elegant woman, but especially refined. Introduce the audience into the atmosphere and lifestyle characteristic of those who know how to take the best of life.

Babylon means constant attention to women's needs and the evolution of female outfits.

Babylon shows the style and way of being a contemporary woman, regardless of her soul, giving life to three lines of fashion designed to combine and reinterpret the concepts of luxury, originality and femininity:

"W Les Femmes" is designed for a glamorous woman who loves the elegance and refinement of patterns and fabrics;

Exclusive and innovative "Babylon Collection" is the line dedicated to a woman with an exquisite style, unique in chromatic details and quality fabrics;

Finally, "Eureka", with an eye to the latest trends in fashion, creates outfits for those women who want to feel truly unique.

What distinguishes our collections of Babylon is the eternal movement, the continued desire for new challenges, that translates into quality products with an advantageous cut and unique details.