Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers was established in 1818 by Henry Sand Brooks. Since the beginning on the famous Cherry street in New York, to its position nowadays, recognized as a global promoter of the American style, Brooks Brothers has continued to innovate and influence the international fashion. It is the first company to have launched ready-to-wear collections, introduced for the first time in the American market the “seersucker” and “madras” fabrics and created one of the most legendary items in fashion – the button down collar shirts, “Button-Down Polo Shirt”. Brooks Brothers has the privilege of having created outfits for 39 out of the 44 American presidents, as well as for many Hollywood stars. It was the favourite brand of some of the most representative cultural personalities in the country, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Clark Gable, Andy Warhol and Katherine Hepburn. The brand is still the choice of many celebrities around the world and collaborates in making costumes for television and cinema productions, such as the Mad Men drama – winner of the Emmy award. It has recently worked with the costume designer Catherine Martin to supply all the men’s outfits in Baz Lurhman’s production The Great Gatsby, winner of an Oscar for the best costume design in February 2014.

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